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IClientConfig interface

Configuration used for initializing the Eppo client


export interface IClientConfig 


Property Modifiers Type Description
apiKey   string Eppo API key
assignmentLogger   IAssignmentLogger Pass a logging implementation to send variation assignments to your data warehouse.
baseUrl?   string (Optional) Base URL of the Eppo API. Clients should use the default setting in most cases.
numInitialRequestRetries?   number (Optional) Number of additional times the initial configuration request will be attempted if it fails. This is the request typically synchronously waited (via await) for completion. A small wait will be done between requests. (Default: 1)
numPollRequestRetries?   number (Optional) Number of additional times polling for updated configurations will be attempted before giving up. Polling is done after a successful initial request. Subsequent attempts are done using an exponential backoff. (Default: 7)
pollAfterFailedInitialization?   boolean (Optional) Poll for new configurations even if the initial configuration request failed. (default: false)
pollAfterSuccessfulInitialization?   boolean (Optional) Poll for new configurations (every 30 seconds) after successfully requesting the initial configuration. (default: false)
requestTimeoutMs?   number (Optional) * Timeout in milliseconds for the HTTPS request for the experiment configuration. (Default: 5000)
throwOnFailedInitialization?   boolean (Optional) Throw an error if unable to fetch an initial configuration during initialization. (default: true)