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js-client-sdk package


Class Description
ChromeStorageEngine <p>Chrome storage implementation of a string-valued store for storing a configuration and its metadata.</p><p>This serializes the entire configuration object into a string and then stores it to a single key within the object for another single top-level key. Same with metadata about the store (e.g., when it was last updated).</p><p>Note: this behaves a bit differently than local storage as the chrome storage API gets and sets subsets of key-value pairs, so we have to dereference or re-specify the key.</p>
EppoJSClient Client for assigning experiment variations.


Function Description
getConfigUrl(apiKey, baseUrl) Used to build the URL for fetching the flag configuration.
getInstance() Used to access a singleton SDK client instance. Use the method after calling init() to initialize the client.
init(config) Initializes the Eppo client with configuration parameters. This method should be called once on application startup.
offlineInit(config) <p>Initializes the Eppo client with configuration parameters.</p><p>The purpose is for use-cases where the configuration is available from an external process that can bootstrap the SDK.</p><p>This method should be called once on application startup.</p>


Interface Description
IClientConfig Configuration used for initializing the Eppo client